About the practices that we offer


The foundation for our retreats is Acroyoga which in itself holds a integrative approach as the discipline blends in the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of healing arts. A practice that goes beyond the technique igniting new forms of creating and sharing together by cultivating the qualities of play, trust and community.


The yoga practices invites in a creative flow with anatomical consideration, training breath in motion, balance and optimising the functioning of the body. Each class will be focused on a specific theme that is best suited for the day’s practices such as core work mechanisms and inversions.

Thai Massage

Nurturing each other with Thai Massage, a dance between giver and receiver, connecting to loving kindness and working on the many layers of the body through the energy lines and your own presence.

Somatic Explorations

Somatic practices are a way of observing and exploring ourselves through sensations, movements, perceptions,emotions and the natural surroundings. these will be mindful and interactive  exercises related to the body, movement and breath as ways to raise our level of curiosity, perception and sensitivity.

Contact Improvisation

We integrate the discipline of Contact Improvisation and dance to invite in the effortlessness, subtleness and expression of authentic movement.


Bringing in the element of water and flow through Aguahara, you will be exploring your dance in the water and experiencing the freedom from gravity.

Bringing Ibiza talent of Sound, dance and music to the retreats


We are seeing that not only movement/ body practices allow us to express and connect with our Essence (our Truth) but also the power of sound, voice and music that is the primordial vibration of our existence.
In this week of movement explorations we are bringing together some incredible Ibiza talent of musicians and facilitators for the evening experiences cultivating the fire in our hearts through Kirtan and delighting the soul with healing sounds and ecstatic dance.
These are some of the possible evening events that will be offered at our retreats: Chakra Sound healing Journey, Kiran, Ecstatic Dance, 5Rhythms, Live musicians and hang concert……