February 2019


Embody your truth

MEXICO | 22 -28th of February

Yoga, Acroyoga, Movement exploration, Contact Improv, Liquid dance, Thai Massage,     Somatic exploration, Dance/Jam, Sweatlodge
A week of movement practices based on connection, exploration and expression on on the wild pacific Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico.
For this weeks inspiration we invite in the em-bodyment of our authentic selves, discovering ways to express and communicate through the body, expanding sensations, sharing a dialogue through movement, exploring movement in nature and being inspired by the elements.


  •  Vibrant natural surroundings
  • Rustic and simple living centre with incredible views & nature.

  • Walking distance from the Ocean, Sunset point and Mazunte town
  • A platform for self exploration and authentic expression
  • 3 Teachers sharing their passion for movement
  • Exploration on the beach and pool
  • Optional Sweatlodge
  • Delicious healthy vegan meals

What we offer

The overall focus is body awarenes in a wide spectrum by cultivating a deeper understanding of the qualities of the body and of the potential of personal expression. We will be sharing many tools and lead explorations in order to expand the field of perception and sensations both iny ourself, with others and in nature.
A general day will be starting with awakening the body through yoga or movement explorations on our outhddor shala. After breakfast there will be the more solar aspect of the day building strenght, agility and foundations with Acroyoga and leading to more creative processes within the practice such as Acro-contact. In the afternoons we will be bringing a breath of dance (Contact Improvisation) and bodywork experimentation (somatic practices on the ground and water) & thai massage. After some relax, dinner and enjoying the sunset the evenning sessions will be either a jam/dance session, optional sweatlodge and the informal times of chilling and hanging out.
Most of the workshops will be taken place at the shala in Balamjuyuc but there will also be explorations in nature and in the water to appreciate me magestic and wild beauty of this area.
Who Is this for?
Whether you are new to these practices or an experienced practitioner this is a retreat for you.
First of all we adapt to all levels but most improtantly beyond the level it is more the experience that is generated throughout the week creating a quality of connection, sharing and expression with everyone participating, letting some space for the unexpected to arise, discover new sensations and expanding your living to new heights.

daily schedule

8:00 – 9:30
 Yoga/ Movement Exploration
9:30 – 11:00
11:00 – 13:30
14:00 – 16:00
Lunch and Siesta
16:30 – 19:00
19:00 – 20:30
20:30 – 22:00
Evenning session

your teachers

Zara Rutherford

Zara has been exploring many movement, healing, spiritual and ecological practices over the past 10 years. For her life is a constant exploration of understanding the body, movement and expression to expand her perception, heal and develop her full potential. She is based between Ibiza and Mexico where she offers classes, workshops, retreats and sessions based in Yoga, Acroyoga, Thai Massage and Aguahara (aquatic experiences). She feels called to inspire and share this with others with the intention to cultivate a deeper connection and expressions through the body to our Authentic selves and invite in the qualities of presence, connection and play.

Sara Angelus

Sara sees AcroYoga as empowering and transformative, and is continuously inspired by the way it brings people together, finding strength in themselves and in one another. She loves to see the joyful surges of energy people experience when they first learn to balance and fly, to go places they have never gone before, and achieve things they may have never thought possible.  In her practice, and teaching she strives to share the incredible moments of bliss that are found through yoga, AcroYoga, dance, or any other movement practice with people around the globe. Sara also loves to perform, and when she is not teaching, she is dreaming up new adventures, performance pieces, and ways to share her passions with all that she comes into contact with.
Sara believes that in life we are all students as we are all teachers, and that in each day, in each experience we are forever learning and sharing with those around us.  It is through this sharing process that we as individuals and communities can find true freedom, growth and progression.

Andrea Scheele

Performer, choreographer, healer and water being who likes sharing through collective experiences for creation and healing. Trained in contemporary dance and naturopathy, she has immersed herself in the artistic and healing paths both converging in energy work. Along with Tantra and water trips, she has been co creating several workshops and laboratories with Contact improvisation .

the location

Mazunte is one of those places that keeps its simple charm and hold magic in its magestic nature. A little hub for yoga, alternative vibes, circus and nomadic travelers that all seem to be attracted to this place because it is still very authentic, not over developeed and the wild nature captivates your soul. This place inspries a lifestyle that is simple, where everything is layd back, beach vibes, beatiful sunset and everything is walking ditance, within 15 min you can reach 6 different yoga places in such a small town and 4 different beaches with each their own qualities and not to mention the whales and dolphins that peak out of the ocean every once in a while.



The location for this years retreat is Balamjuyuc that remains purched ontop of a hill overlooking the ocean just above the village on the way to the magical sunset spot called Punta Cometa. Balamjuyuc with its simplistic charm and rustic funkyness gives you the Mazunte experience, where it is not about luxury comfort but just the most essencial in simple and nautral structures, enjoying the outdoor spaces of the yoga shala, the eating area and the chill out space overlooking the sea. The views are trully epic, waking up in the morning from your bed and seing the sea that is just a 5 minute walk down some steps and also right next to the town that has many facilties like pharmacy, atm, shops.. oh and delicous coconut vegan ice cream 😉 

Part of this retreats experience is the qualities of this simple living, a re-wilding back to nature that is so freeing and out of the squared boxes we tend to live in. But rest assured with the sounds of the birds and the sea and of course a mosquito net, the best quality and healthy meals that will be served and an unforgetable experience with these passionate facilitators leading your through exporations into your body, into movement and expression is a journey not to be missed.

The property offers rustic cabañas with beds equipped with mosquito nets, they have been built and decorated with natural materials such as bamboo and palm. There are two cabins available with a queen bed, private bathroom and spectacular views, several cabins for two people with shared bathroom and 2 dorm spaces one female and one male with capacity of 5 people with shared comunal bathroom.


Getting here– Mazunte has two airports less then an hour away, Puerto Escondido and Huatulco that have daily flights coming in from Mexico City and from the airport there is bus access or Taxi service.



Dorm (shared bathroom)

Early Bird (untill 5/01/19) – 640 $

After 5/01/19 – 690 $

Private Cabin ( Shared bathroom)

Early Bird (untill 5/01/19) – 650 $

After 5/01/19 – 715 $

Private Bungalow (private bathroom)

Early Bird (untill 5/01/19) – 720 $

After 5/01/19 – 780 $

Camping (bring your own tent)

Early Bird (untill 5/01/19) – 610 $

After 5/01/19 – 660 $

If you wish to share a cabin with your partner or friend let us know as the accomodation price will be modified for you.