Ola Jas

Ola Jas is working as a Yoga teacher worldwide and integrates different techniques to work out and release the body, in quest of balance and a holistic well being. Her unique interdisciplinary approach of the movement is based on a circus experience- a fusion of sensations and presence. Putting emphasis on inverted postures and cultivating a genuine sense of touch, she likes to practice yoga, acro and massage sequences in a flow motion. Setting up new prospects to broader the vision, she calls further the imagination to expand daily life into a renewed reality.
“For me Acroyoga is the lost of time and space reference, a molecular connection to the Present, where you get fully now and here. Light and empowered… Did you ever experience flying this way?
Surrender, trust, play. Find your inner child and the wise old one within. Bring them together, connect further with your surrounding. Be ready for anything to happen.
Fit your body, calm your mind and get to deeper level of consciousness through the experience. A volaaaaar!

Zara Rutherford

Zara has been exploring many movement, healing, spiritual and ecological practices over the past 10 years. She dedicates herself to sharing Acroyoga, Yoga and Thai Massage and organises retreats and gatherings with the intention to cultivate a deeper connection through the body  to our Authentic selves, others, nature and spirit. With a natural touch and genuine sensitivity for bodywork her Thai Massage treatments are each a unique flow guided by the receivers body with the qualities of presence, loving kindness, rhythm, intuition and connection that allows the magic and spirit of this practice to be experienced.
Her Yoga classes are Vinyasa based (connecting breath with movement in a dynamic flow). Inspired by many forms of Yoga from Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga, she integrates a variety of qualities in her teachings. Cultivating strength, flexibility & alignment through dynamic and strengthening asanas as well as deep release with more restorative and passive asanas. There is a focus on cultivating stillness and inner listening as you are guided to direct your awareness and breath into the body to release unnecessary tensions. You will be left feeling invigorated, with greater peace, balance and an overall wellbeing in your body and mind.