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Ola Jas

Ola Jas is working as a Yoga teacher worldwide and integrates different techniques to work out and release the body, in quest of balance and a holistic well being. Her unique interdisciplinary approach of the movement is based on a circus experience- a fusion of sensations and presence. Putting emphasis on inverted postures and cultivating a genuine sense of touch, she likes to practice yoga, acro and massage sequences in a flow motion. Setting up new prospects to broader the vision, she calls further the imagination to expand daily life into a renewed reality.

Zara Rutherford

Is a Certifed Vinyasa Yoga & AcroYoga teacher, Aguahara and Thai Massage practitioner and a student of life that loves exploring somatiic, spiritual and environmental practices. A resident teacher of Ibiza and Organizer of Satya retreats.
Her passion is to share from the heart those things that bring her presence,healing, joy & community. In her classes she creates a safe container for exploration and reaching new heights as well as cultivating receptivity, healing touch and Play!